TruAtlantic Manufacturing, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, announced it has received approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for its Cessna 206, 207 and 210 series SmoothRide Engine Mount System and Cessna 210 and Bonanza Exhaust Headers.

“EASA approval is an important milestone for us,” said TruAtlantic’s Vice President and General Manager Ralph Kunz. “These supplemental type certificates can benefit operators across the world to help ensure the life and performance of the aircraft.”

TruAtlantic’s Cessna SmoothRide Engine Mount System provides a dramatic reduction of engine vibration to the cockpit environment. The SmoothRide Engine Mount System also provides increased support preventing sag, restoring thrust efficiency and eliminating the need to shim the engine mounts periodically.

The Exhaust Headers design incorporates multiple slip-joints which reduce the tendency for cracking and they are fabricated from stainless steel. This STC modification shows an increase of up to seven horsepower and equalized back pressure across all cylinders. All Bonanzas and Cessna 210’s equipped with Continental IO-520 or IO-550 engines can take advantage of this modification.

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