What’s Summit Aviation Mfg.’s history in terms of the IO-550?
We go way back! You may have met us when we were Atlantic Aero or TruAtlantic Manufacturing. Our name has changed, but we still offer the same great service today as we did then. Yes, we still provide the STC for the IO-550 engine upgrade, and we continue to support those aircraft with replacement parts to our customers worldwide.
What type of aircraft does your STC support?
  • We upgrade engines on the Cessna 206, Cessna 210 and Bonanza.
  • We replace the IO-520 with our IO-550 in the Cessna 206, 210 and Bonanza.
  • We replace older IO-550s with our IO-550 TI engine in the Cessna 206, 210 and Bonanza.
  • We replace the turbo charged engines (TS IO-520) in the Cessna 206 and 210.
I had my engine upgraded years ago, but it’s time for an overhaul. Do you sell replacement parts?
Yes, absolutely!
Do you install the kit?
Can I install the kit myself?
Absolutely, yes. We provide complete, detailed instructions that you can hand over to your shop, or utilize yourself.
Does the kit come with an exhaust, or will the standard non-turbo system fit?
Great question. The standard exhaust system bolts right on.
I already run a dual forward isolator mount system. Will this work with your conversion?
Yes. Our mount system is unique to this 206/210 STC. We will supply new castings and mount rubbers as they will be different.
What does the kit consist of?

Our engine conversion package includes:

  1. Tuned Induction Teledyne Continental Motors IO-550-R Series Engine (exchange)
  2. New 82” Diameter Super Scimitar Propeller and Polished Spinner
  3. STC and Associated PMA Parts Kit consisting of the following major parts:
    1. New Carbon Fiber Nose Bowl and Upper Cowl Doors
    2. New Cooling Baffles
    3. New Induction System and Filters
    4. New Alternate Air System
    5. New Fluid Carrying Hoses and Flexible Ducts (standard aircraft configuration)
    6. New Throttle, Mixture and Alternate Air Control Cables
    7. Drawings, Installation Instructions and Supplemental Type Certificate Paperwork
  4. Customer Convenience Package Consisting of the following:
    1. New Engine Shock Mounts
    2. Laser Printer Placards
What range of serial numbers does your STC apply to?
We start at serial number 2,200 and go up to 7,020.
How can I request a quote to upgrade my engine?

We’d love to chat with you about the specifics of your request so that we can put together an accurate quote for your upgrade. Please email us at mfginfo@summitaviationmfg.com or call John Ackerman at 336.497.5517. Or, fill out the form on this page and we'll contact you!

Ready for more information? 

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