IO-550 Engine Conversion for the Cessna 206, Cessna 210 and Beechcraft Bonanza.
Cruise Faster and Burn Less Fuel with the 550 T.I. Conversion! Make Your Aircraft More Mission-Capable.

The IO-550 T.I. engine conversion establishes a new definition of performance, safety, and comfort for pilots familiar with the standard Cessna 206 & 210 and Bonanza. Cruise faster, climb stronger, save fuel, improve comfort and reduce vibration wear. can climb quicker and cruise faster than the stock engine. This allows the operator to fly faster and higher in smoother air or above inclement weather.

You can feel the horsepower on takeoff and see the fuel consumption difference. Maneuver wherever your mission takes you; the IO-550 engine conversion remarkably reduces takeoff distance and doubles your rate of climb. In addition, it comes with a 2200 hour TBO and can be run rich or lean of peak.

The SmoothRide Engine Mount System for the 206 and 210 makes the aircraft much quieter and smoother both inside and out. Gone are the days of window rattling vibrations wearing down the airframe and passengers during missions.

Why Overhaul When You Can Experience Much More for Less?

Our company division (formerly Atlantic Aero) has developed one of the most sought after and successful STCs (FAA – ANAC) in the industry enabling Cessna 206, Cessna 210 and Beechcraft Bonanza owners to replace their IO-520 engine with the modern Continental Motors® IO-550-P/R engine. (And yes, we can remove the turbocharged engine from your T206 or T210!)

The resulting 550 Tuned Induction Engine Conversion STC is approved to equip both a normally aspirated and a turbocharged “De Turbo” Cessna 206 or 210 aircraft and creates a significant financial return through aircraft operation savings and improved resale value. The 550 T.I. conversion gives operators more… for less.

The STC is available for serial numbers 2,200 up to 7,020.

Order yours today by emailing or by calling us directly  at 336.497.5536. You’ll wish you’d have reached out sooner!

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