Summit has extensive composite manufacturing experience using a variety of processing techniques including hand lay-up, pre-preg, oven curing and compression molding. Summit produces multiple aviation parts for many of our Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s). Advanced fibers such as carbon (graphite), Kevlar™ and fiberglass reinforcements are used. Resin systems include epoxy, phenolic, polyester, urethane and silicone. Nomex and aluminum honeycomb, as well as foam cores, are utilized in structural bonding.
We design and build composite tooling in house for prototyping, proof of concept, pre-production models and design and engineering test samples for many industries including auto racing, aviation and aerospace.

Summit’s 30,000 sq ft. manufacturing facility in Kernersville, N.C. was built to accommodate the composite manufacturing process. It is equipped with a 600-square-foot climate-controlled wet lay-up room, 600-square-foot climate-controlled pre-preg room, two computer-controlled walk-in ovens, 60″W x 132″D x 86″H and 48″W x 48″D x 72″H, a cross flow paint booth, 14’W x 20’L x 9’H and a 4,000-square-foot assembly area to meet the challenges of manufacturing high precision parts using advanced performance composites

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