For more than 20 years, Summit Aviation Manufacturing (formerly TruAtlantic Mfg) has been engineering quality, innovative PMA Parts and STC Kits to improve on general aviation’s most popular aircraft. Our manufacturing and engineering capabilities have allowed us to develop a number of composite FAA/PMA-approved parts that virtually eliminate constant repairs on the OEM parts and improve the overall efficiency of the whole aircraft.

Summit also specializes in Continental IO-550 Tuned Induction Engine STC Kits. These revolutionary designs include a 2,200 hour engine, Hartzell Super Scimitar propeller and an engine accessory kit tailored to your aircraft’s efficiency needs. Our Cessna 206, 210, and Bonanza 550 Tuned Induction engine kit incorporates a top-mounted tuned induction system and cross flow cylinder head to achieve 310 HP at 2700 RPM all while reducing the fuel flow by 1.5 to 2 gal/hr.

Our Current STCs:


Beechcraft BONANZA


Bombardier LEARJET

Beechcraft KING AIR

Caravan Passenger Conversion: Window Kit Flyer (pdf)

Cessna Smoothride Engine Mount System Flyer (pdf)

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