Detail Components Manufacturing

CNC ProtoTrac

Summit’s 2-axis CNC ProtoTrac Knee Mills are the workhorse of the industry. They are equipped with hand wheels for manual control, or they can be programmed for CNC operations. They are utilized in the manufacturing of short run sheet metal flat patterns as well as simple one-off or short run machined parts.

ProtoTrac with 33″L x 12″W x 16″H capacity

CNC Press Brake

Summit has the precision machine for your bending needs. Summit Aviation’s 2 axis CNC AccurPress brake has six-foot wide manufacturing dies for bending up to 72 inches of 10 gauge maximum material thickness. The press brake can handle depths up to 52 inches between housings and material weighing up to 60 tons.

PressBrake with up to 6’W x 10Ga x 60 ton, 52″ span capacity

CNC Shear

The Accurshear at Summit is a heavy-duty, durable machine with low rake angles and fast cycle times. It is rated to shear structural quality steel with typical mechanical properties up to 80,000 tensile and 44,000 yield strengths. Summit’s CNC Accurshear is capable of shearing ¼” max. thickness up to 4’ wide.

Shearing with up to 4′ W x ¼” thickness capacity

CNC Router

Summit’s HAAS GR-408 CNC Gantry Router can handle 48″W x 99″L x 11″D (xyz) materials. It can perform milling, drilling, engraving and tapping operations on multiple types of material. We utilize the gantry router to machine nested flat patterns for production sheet metal runs and composite honeycomb panels.

Routing with up to 48″W x 99″L x 11″H capacity



Summit is experienced and capable of meeting rigorous standards and aggressive project schedules that the aerospace industry expects. We have invested in high-performance technology to cut cycle times, extend tool life and reduce labor hours. Our manufacturing team constantly strives to improve our process through the use of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methods and tools. We are providing our customers high quality products that meets customer’s demand requirements as well as meeting their budgets.

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